We are innovation

We are innovation

We help you to develop the electronics for your product

In ITAE we design and manufacture electronic circuits for use by customer. Offering unique solutions to all kind of projects, from the smallest to the most ambitious and guaranteeing, always, the maximum confidentiality.

Because we are a young but with over 18 years experience in multiple business sectors, which results in efficiency and versatility.

So if you want your product more competitive to adapt to a market that changes every day, we offer the union of creativity, knowledge and professional expertise you need.


All our departments are involved in the development of each project to offer electronic solution that searches the customer, in an innovative, cost-effective.

In addition, our R + D + i team is involved in all phases of development and product life cycle. We locate new components, make improvements and use manufacturing processes unthinkable a few years ago only. In short, offering solutions that combine existing with other emerging technologies.

Therefore, we offer the best solutions technically and economically, making projects with total guarantee.


The rigor is essential to get each project a success. Thus, all our processes are performed under different quality control, traceability and automated testing, which ensures the best result and compliance with the various regulations.

Markings CE, UL, VDE, CCC...

Anticipating the necessary measures, from the development stage, so that the end product meets the standards to ensure compliance.

UNE-EN ISO-9001:2015

Continuously improving our internal processes to ensure the highest quality in all of them.

RoHS Directive

Restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Quality ITAE


Desarrollo electrónico

Electronic development

Microcontroller programming, FPGA / CPLD, embedded systems, electronic instrumentation, communication systems, design of printed circuit boards (PCB), prototyping, electronic verification systems and optical manufacturing PBA's (printed board assembled)... We offer the most simple and effective solutions for each project. And for this, first we define with the client the functional aspects that are required. Then, we join experience and creativity to get technologically innovative products, focusing at all times the design to manufacturing. So help you to achieve your goals is always a new challenge for us.

Technical consulting

Technical consulting

Each application requires a different technical solution. To help customers more profitable and functional options, we take a technical approach in the development stage to define the appropriate technology and resources. And not only in new developments. In addition, we analyze and propose solutions to existing electronic designs, trying malfunction, CE international guidance, safety standards and overall compliance with current regulations.



We have a lot of experience in the manufacture of electronic circuits for different sectors. We take into account their specific features and requirements. Therefore, we adapt to different production volumes, ranging from the creation of small series to manufacture thousands. Involving ourselves in the continuous improvement of processes and checks. We also realize assemblies of equipment, auxiliary elements, wiring...

Small series

When necessary, we make small productions or prototypes in a short period of time. Once tested, it’s manufactured a small series of circuits to make a product launch and / or a more detailed assessment of its functions. After verifying their suitability, we supply periodically small series.

Big productions

We have extensive experience in manufacturing of series of electronic circuits that have reached over 100,000 units, and generally for sectors that involve large volumes of production and very competitive prices.


Electrónica de consumo

Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics

We carry out the complete development: from idea to manufacturing consumer electronics devices.
Devices that make our lives easier and are based on relays, buzzers, LED, TFT touch screens, LCD, OLED, low-power operation with batteries, RS232, MODBUS, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 3G / 4G communications, WIFI, ISM radio band, RFID, NFC, Ethernet, USB...

Sector industrial

Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector

We develop applications based power supply sources and rectifiers with output currents up to 1000 amps or more, industrial lighting regulators, rectifiers for heaters, electroplating, chemical industry ... wireless solutions also offer custom control: radio, Bluetooth, 3G , GSM, GPRS, Wifi ... In general, the application is created based on user needs, using both custom and other previously developed solutions.




A sector in which we develop and manufacture equipment for the mechanical professional such as: diagnostic tools, OBDII, brake fluid tester, electronic control for battery replacement without loss of data or welding surge suppressors.




We have great experience in creating electronic modules to be applied in toys, having developed based on synthesis and speech recognition applications, games, sound and light effects, interactivity ... Developing samples, prototypes and manufacturing large series at very competitive prices.

Energias renovables

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

With an eco-efficient approach and intention to transform the intensive use of energy, we have participated in projects of solar and wind energy, proposing solutions for products of this sector.

Promociones publicitarias

Advertising promotions

Advertising promotions

Because creativity is also linked to our work, we develop commercial and promotional elements systems. A sector in which the unit price should be low. We are able to offer the product completely finished and with reasonable prices.


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